Endurance Berry Chia Pudding

Day 14 is here!

It's a quarter way through this epic journey of self love and improvement and I've never felt better.

Plus my photo is in the paper today, here's the link if you'd like to check it out.

Photo cred Jason Oxenham - NZ Herald

It's relating to injuries from F45 and I'm happy to be the voice to defend it. My main message is that common sense prevails. People need to go at their own pace when starting anything new and listen to their bodies.

Anyway, back to this chia pudding!

I've use go good endurance booster blend, which is so fab as it has psyllium husk in there, not only for added fibre, but for extra thickness to the pudding too.

Here's the recipe, and I'll be sharing week 2 vlog later.

S x

Recipe for 3 serves

250 mls coconut milk

150mls plant milk, like almond or oat

3 TBS go good vanilla plant protein

2 scoops go good endurance booster blend

1 1/2 TBS chia seeds


Place everything apart from the chia seeds into a blender and combine. Pour into a container and stir through the chia seeds. Set overnight and serve with blueberries and some coconut yoghurt.

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