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Choc Protein Mousse

Enter week 6! Just like that, nearly on the home stretch of this 8 week journey. I have to admit that the past couple of weeks have felt a little monotonous, so I'm trying this week to introduce some new things to keep it interesting. It is really important to use silken tofu, not firm. You'll see why as soon as you open the packet. Perfect to have on it's own, or as a dollop on muesli, like my hemp freedom bowl here, or with coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit, or even with some shavings of dark chocolate as an evening clean treat. Ingredients - enough for 3 serves 1 block organic silken tofu 2 TBS choc plant protein powder,...

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Vanilla Protein Bounty Bombs

Week 5 and I've kicked it off with these babies! Sugar free, dairy free, wheat, gluten, and nut free!  If you loved Bounty bars as a kid (or adult), these will not only satisfy the craving, but deliver a delectable punch of plant protein and goodness.  Ingredients - makes 12 large bombs 2 cups desiccated coconut, plus a little extra to sprinkle on the choc top 1/4 cup coconut butter, I've used Ceres Organics 100 mls coconut cream 2 TBS vanilla plant protein powder, I used Go Good plant protein 2 tsp coconut oil 1/2 tsp vanilla powder 3 TBS melted, vegan, sugar free chocolate to dip Method Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, apart from the melted chocolate....

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Mexican Chopped "Chicken" Salad

Nearly at the end of week 4! I had my half-way body analysis scan this morning before the Saturday Hollywood (wasn't actually planning to but intrigue got the better of me!). I will share the results tomorrow in my YouTube vlog, which I'm super pleased with! Anyway, back to this dish of flavour. It doesn't get much easier or faster... Recipe for 1... 2 cups chopped salad ingredients - I used a combination of carrot, purple cabbage, sprouts, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, red onion and around 1/4 diced avocado 3 large pieces of Sunfed Chicken Free Chicken, you could also use cubed tofu, or even TVP would work well 2 TBS salsa, I used Tio Pablo Hemp hearts for garnish Method... Prepare...

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