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Tempeh Singapore Noodles

Day 17 of the F45 8 week challenge, and this morning had the most amazing super-moon that I gazed at on my walk in Cornwall Park. Turns out it was a Virgo moon, which makes sense as to why I found it so I'm a virgo! And thanks to all the gorgeous links you guys sent me on direct message, with the meaning, and energy of this fab. On the opposite side of the sky was a stunning sunrise, which I managed to capture for this weeks vlog. So, onto this magic dish! I'm such a noodle fan, and konjacs are my saviour during this challenge. Virtually carb free, no fat, and they are ready in a flash....

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Easy Beets + Broc Bowl

Day 16 and this is as easy as it gets! Great as a leftover too. You could easily add some baked tofu, or lightly pan fried in some fresh ginger and garlic would be super yum! I had my hair done today so feeling fresh as a daisy (a friend spotted my first grey hair in my early 20's so hair dye is always welcome! As a side note, I measured my waist, out of pure curiosity, and I was quite amazed. I knew I had some extra weight to lose around my tum, so I'm feeling so good about this! Beautiful food like this and daily F45 is a winner:) Recipe for 2 serves... 2 cups grated fresh, raw...

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Two Types of Pro Balls

Into week 3 and still enjoying this journey so much! Plus it's so awesome seeing some of my F45 class mates looking clearer and more sparkle in their eyes! Today I bring you 2 more varieties of my pro balls. They are so satisfying as morning or afternoon tea! Seriously, they really fill the gap! I've also posted my week 2 vlog which you can check out here. Recipe for Coconut + Lemon pro balls (makes 5)... 2 TBS vanilla plant protein powder 1 TBS hemp seeds 4 TBS desiccated coconut 1 TBS coconut flour 1 TBS LSA 2 TBS cashew/coconut butter 30mls coconut milk 7 drops organic lemon essential oil Recipe for PB + Choc Pro Balls... 2 TBS...

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Endurance Berry Chia Pudding

Day 14 is here! It's a quarter way through this epic journey of self love and improvement and I've never felt better. Plus my photo is in the paper today, here's the link if you'd like to check it out. Photo cred Jason Oxenham - NZ Herald It's relating to injuries from F45 and I'm happy to be the voice to defend it. My main message is that common sense prevails. People need to go at their own pace when starting anything new and listen to their bodies. Anyway, back to this chia pudding! I've use go good endurance booster blend, which is so fab as it has psyllium husk in there, not only for added fibre, but for extra...

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10 minute Satay Tofu

This week is going way faster than last week. I can't believe it's Friday already! So for lunch today I wanted no fuss, and of course, as tasty and fast as possible. I grabbed a bag of cauliflower rice at the supermarket (basically just cauliflower that's been blitzed to a rice texture in a food processor), and I thought I'd give this dish a whirl...whilst timing myself! I realise that most people doing the F45 8 week challenge will be in an office job, or have a work destination that they need to be at each day. So not everybody has the luxury of working from home and whipping things up. This could literally be done in the morning, or the night...

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