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Roast Beet Rounds with Edamame Avo Smash

Day 5 of the F45 8 week challenge and I'm feeling really good today. Sugar cravings officially gone, and I'm not missing pasta, bread and my usual carb fest at all. I roasted the beetroot in my new mini oven, they were done in a flash, and no hot kitchen to have to deal with! Today also marks the end of Stellas first week back at school, we are looking forward to chilling on the weekend, and then I am giving a talk at the Auckland Vegan Food Fest on Sunday which I'll keep you posted about. Enjoy your weekend! Sx Recipe for 1 4 slices of beetroot. I peeled a medium sized beet, and sliced into rounds about .5...

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Easy Mexican Bean Bowl

Day 4 is nearly done! My fog seemed to lift today, around 11am this morning...the no sugar haze and feeling like I was a character out of legally blonde for the past 4 days, vanished. I felt back to myself and had clarity of mind again. Thank kale for that! Today was a bit of a laptop day, F45 All stars this morning and then working on projects for clients. It was so nice to be able to think, hmmmm, it's lunchtime, I'm hungry, I know exactly what I'm going to have! The leftover noodles from yesterday, which you can find here. I reheated them in the pan, threw in a minced garlic clove and a teeny dash of tamari...I...

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Lean + Clean Satay Noodles

Day 3 is here! I'm updating on my Instagram stories about the sugar cravings, and I mentioned that aside from the haze, I have noticed a pretty dramatic difference in my tummy. It feels lighter, and less inflamed. Most days I would have bananas, and since I haven't had them, (as well as raw treats and cookies), it's been noticeably better. Too much fructose can have a negative effect on our guts, and often vegans fall into the trap of eating too many bananas and high fructose fruits. Thinking we are doing a good thing for our bodies, we tell ourselves it must be something else we are eating that is causing the problem (and I love bananas so much...

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Baked Kumara + Avo Salsa

Officially day 1 of the F45 8 week challenge and this was dinner. I have to admit, I am struggling with the no sugar thing. My mind is seriously foggy, and energy levels pretty low this afternoon, although they did pick up a little when I saw Stella's face at home time after school! If you are planning on dropping sugar, it's good to know what to expect in terms of withdrawal symptoms...heres a link to go into a bit more depth. You realise how brutal it is on your system when you're coming off it! The Pro Ball I pre-made yesterday and had this afternoon was totally welcome! You can find the sugar-free recipe for them here. Now, I...

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F45 8 Week Challenge - First Post + Recipe

Hi beauties!  So, we are well into 2019 now...and something I haven't told you...I'm addicted to F45! More specifically, F45 One Tree Hill, which is my local branch. I've been going sold for around 7 weeks now, and tomorrow is the start of their 8 week challenge. I've signed up. Eeeeeek! This one is the first time they've introduced vegan meal plans, which is super exciting, and I'll certainly be drawing inspo from it. Today, I made these Pro Balls. The recipe makes 5, one per day as a morning or afternoon snack from tomorrow onwards. It's adapted from one of their recipes, but I've made it my own with a few tweaks and additions (hello orange essential oil!). So,...

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