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on-in For Pregnancy and Beyond

I am really proud to introduce Skye she gives the breakdown on why essential fatty acids are crucial to pregnancy, babies, and beyond. For your daily EFA boost, you can buy on-in, my exclusive blend for the whole family, here. Skye is a degree qualified Naturopath and Medical herbalist but more importantly she is a normal fallible person.  She gets that life is hard work and trying to be healthy can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. She is realist and will only work within the parameters of what you can do/afford and sustain. Your health and well being is the most important thing - for you, your family and your community. Plus she is not one for self denial...Coffee...

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Introducing on-in.

It's here! My everyday wellness tool for skin, hair and inner wellness. For more information, click here. Please note that on-in is made in small batches, especially in its infancy, and allow a few days for your order to be sent as it is made to order. I hope you love it as much as I do. Sarah x

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