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Vanilla Protein Chia Pudding

Happy Sunday and day 7 of the challenge. What a week! I've had a glorious day, a walk in Cornwall Park this morning, a chillax at home with Stella and Jasper, to then make my way over to the Auckland Vegan Food Festival on the North Shore. I spoke at 11 this morning and there was such a great turnout. A beautiful sunny day, and miles and miles of insane vegan food...of which I didn't eat. But because I was on my pre and post buzz of speaking, I don't feel like much. So sticking to the plan was easy. I spoke about how to be a happy vegan...more on that in another post.  But for now, here's a good...

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Mushroom + Courgette Spag Bol

Day 6! Early morning Hollywood F45 session today, and still thinking about how delicious this was last night for dinner. Spag bol use to be my staple as a kid growing up. It was my fave. The telling thing was, that I actually couldn't stand the smell of the raw mince cooking, I wouldn't be in the kitchen until mum had added the dolmio sauce. Anyway, memories are still sweet of mum stirring the pot with love for at least an hour as it simmered away! This is as clean and lean as a spag can get...cos there ain't no spag! I have a benriner japanese spiraliser, and it's next level. It makes the most perfect noodles out of veges,...

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Roast Beet Rounds with Edamame Avo Smash

Day 5 of the F45 8 week challenge and I'm feeling really good today. Sugar cravings officially gone, and I'm not missing pasta, bread and my usual carb fest at all. I roasted the beetroot in my new mini oven, they were done in a flash, and no hot kitchen to have to deal with! Today also marks the end of Stellas first week back at school, we are looking forward to chilling on the weekend, and then I am giving a talk at the Auckland Vegan Food Fest on Sunday which I'll keep you posted about. Enjoy your weekend! Sx Recipe for 1 4 slices of beetroot. I peeled a medium sized beet, and sliced into rounds about .5...

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Easy Mexican Bean Bowl

Day 4 is nearly done! My fog seemed to lift today, around 11am this morning...the no sugar haze and feeling like I was a character out of legally blonde for the past 4 days, vanished. I felt back to myself and had clarity of mind again. Thank kale for that! Today was a bit of a laptop day, F45 All stars this morning and then working on projects for clients. It was so nice to be able to think, hmmmm, it's lunchtime, I'm hungry, I know exactly what I'm going to have! The leftover noodles from yesterday, which you can find here. I reheated them in the pan, threw in a minced garlic clove and a teeny dash of tamari...I...

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Juicy Ginger Broccoli and Tamari Bowl

Day 2 of the 8 week challenge and believe it or not, I am already noticing a difference. By removing sugar, and not as many carbs, my tummy is lighter and I haven't had a single feeling of bloating, which I do experience now and then. If I put aside the dull headache at the front of my head, and the achey face (not sure what that's about) I am feeling pretty good. Managed to power through the strength session today and even hold the 2 minute plank with not as much strain as previous attempts...things are looking up! This dish was lunch yesterday and today. The only difference was I added some cubed tofu to todays one, as I...

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