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Baked Kumara + Avo Salsa

Officially day 1 of the F45 8 week challenge and this was dinner. I have to admit, I am struggling with the no sugar thing. My mind is seriously foggy, and energy levels pretty low this afternoon, although they did pick up a little when I saw Stella's face at home time after school! If you are planning on dropping sugar, it's good to know what to expect in terms of withdrawal symptoms...heres a link to go into a bit more depth. You realise how brutal it is on your system when you're coming off it! The Pro Ball I pre-made yesterday and had this afternoon was totally welcome! You can find the sugar-free recipe for them here. Now, I...

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Vegan Protein Fitness Bowl

Even though it feels like it's about to snow here in New Zealand, this is worth putting the extra layer on for. Packed with antioxidants, plant protein, gut loving healthy bacteria and complex carbs to keep you going strong. Click here to watch the video on my IGTV. Ingredients 1 cup frozen beetroot, cut into small cubes, blueberries, ginger root and blackberries, oob is great as a time saver 1 ripe banana 150mls organic kombucha, I love the Daily Organics brand 1 scoop vanilla WelleCo protein powder  Method Blend all the ingredients in a high-powered blender until silky smooth, you will need to use a tamper to push the ingredients into the blade. Serve immediately with some more frozen berries...

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Cosy Quinoa Porridge

Winter mornings call for hot nourishment and this ticks all the boxes. Quinoa is a near perfect food, with plenty of plant protein, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. There's a reason it's been around for such a long time! Originating from Peru, and actually a seed, not a grain, it is one staple I ensure to always have on hand. And my fave of course is Ceres Organics, who have been very clever and even started packaging this nutrient powerhouse in compostable pouches! I created this recipe for my client New World Remuera, and I do hope you try it! A change from the norm with porridge, and a little more decadent. By all means, if you feel the chocolate...

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