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Week 3 Vlog

So here we are at the end of the third week. Five to go. Nearly half way but not quite, and that's kind of how it feels. A bit of a slump week to be honest! Still feeling great, however, after chatting to a couple of other girls doing the challenge, we all agreed, not as much of a difference as the first 2 weeks. To watch my day by day here is the youtube link below, and don't forget to follow my instagram for stories and insights that I don't share anywhere else! Sx

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Smokey Tempeh + Cauli Rice Bowl

Day 20! I spoke to a couple of the other girls at F45 this morning who are doing the challenge, and we all agreed that this week has felt a bit more meh than the first 2. I think it's because we are getting familiar with the changes, so there's not such a dramatic difference in how we feel. I'm sure this will improve, given we all stay on track and focused.  This was lunch today, which I shared the process on my instagram stories, and it really is my fave way to have tempeh. Marinated for around 10 mins and fried off nice and crispy in a hot's what you'll need. Recipe for 1... 2 cups cauliflower rice,...

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Hemp Freedom Breakfast Bowl

I was going to bring you guys the recipe for my lunch today - a curried chickpea nourish bowl - but I actually can't stop thinking about this so here it is. I've named it freedom cos it's free of so much, but instead of lacking, it's a giver! Sugar free, grain free, gluten free, wheat free, guilt free...but full of so much. Essential fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants if you add some dark berries on top. I generally let it soak for around 15 minutes before enjoying it, you could leave it overnight, just add a little more liquid so it's not too thick. Recipe per serve... 2 TBS hemp hearts, I got mine from good for store...

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Tempeh Singapore Noodles

Day 17 of the F45 8 week challenge, and this morning had the most amazing super-moon that I gazed at on my walk in Cornwall Park. Turns out it was a Virgo moon, which makes sense as to why I found it so I'm a virgo! And thanks to all the gorgeous links you guys sent me on direct message, with the meaning, and energy of this fab. On the opposite side of the sky was a stunning sunrise, which I managed to capture for this weeks vlog. So, onto this magic dish! I'm such a noodle fan, and konjacs are my saviour during this challenge. Virtually carb free, no fat, and they are ready in a flash....

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Easy Beets + Broc Bowl

Day 16 and this is as easy as it gets! Great as a leftover too. You could easily add some baked tofu, or lightly pan fried in some fresh ginger and garlic would be super yum! I had my hair done today so feeling fresh as a daisy (a friend spotted my first grey hair in my early 20's so hair dye is always welcome! As a side note, I measured my waist, out of pure curiosity, and I was quite amazed. I knew I had some extra weight to lose around my tum, so I'm feeling so good about this! Beautiful food like this and daily F45 is a winner:) Recipe for 2 serves... 2 cups grated fresh, raw...

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