Vanilla Protein Chia Pudding

Happy Sunday and day 7 of the challenge. What a week!

I've had a glorious day, a walk in Cornwall Park this morning, a chillax at home with Stella and Jasper, to then make my way over to the Auckland Vegan Food Festival on the North Shore.

I spoke at 11 this morning and there was such a great turnout. A beautiful sunny day, and miles and miles of insane vegan food...of which I didn't eat. But because I was on my pre and post buzz of speaking, I don't feel like much. So sticking to the plan was easy.

I spoke about how to be a happy vegan...more on that in another post. 

But for now, here's a good start. This vanilla protein chia pudding.

I highly recommend topping with some coconut yoghurt, and a couple of dark berries if you have them on hand.

Perfect fit breakfast!

Recipe for 3 serves...

150mls coconut milk, I used Ceres Organics

125mls plant milk, I used oat, unsweetened

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cacao powder

1/4 cup vanilla plant protein powder, I used go good for this

3 TBS chia seeds


Place everything apart from the chia seeds in a blender and whiz until all the ingredients are combined.

Pour into a container to then stir through the chia seeds.

Pop in the fridge to set overnight to enjoy in the morning or as a mid morning or afternoon snack.

S x

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