Vanilla Protein Choc Chunk Ice-Cream

Does there need to be any further intro than the heading? Maybe a little about how fast, easy and crazy delicious it is!!!

To watch the video for this delight, click here.

No ice-cream maker required, a blender and a freezer is all you will need...and a touch of patience while it freezes.

Who knew ice-cream could be full of nutrients too?! May as well get those goodies in at every opportunity. Probiotics, essential fats, plant protein and of course, the dreamy endorphin rush of a treat.


1 1/2 cups raw cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours, drained and rinsed, I use and recommend Ceres Organics

1 tub or 350gms coconut yoghurt, I like either the Cathedral Cove brand or Zenzo here in NZ

1 scoop vanilla protein powder, I have used WelleCo, which truly is next level

1/4 cup maple syrup, again, Ceres does a delicious, rich, finest quality variety, you could also use rice malt syrup

1 tsp vanilla powder

1/2 cup chopped dark, vegan chocolate


Blend everything apart from the chocolate in a high powered blender until smooth as velvet. Stir through the choc chunks and place in the freezer overnight.

Remove from the freezer 10 minutes prior to serving to make it easier to scoop.

Serve in vegan cones or simply in a bowl with chopped nuts.

Sarah x

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