Why I'm Vegan...

Well it's been a while between drinks!

I've just posted on my instagram about how I'm conscious of not popping on here regularly...and I think it's about time I did.

So, please excuse my lack of appearances! And I thought I'd make my come back with a vimeo clip I shared on 3 day Rebellious Wellness course the other week (which I will opening up again soon).

It's the reason I committed to being fully vegan, and what helps me continue to be.

Have a watch, it's 14 minutes, so not too long, and I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts below.

I hope you're all well...I've recently joined my local F45 and I am on a real mission to be the example of what I believe a strong, healthy vegan should be! Watch this space...I might even share some of those before and after shots like the fit kids do...MIGHT...I said might.

Have a gorgeous weekend and catch you back on here soon.

Sarah x


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