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Curry Kale Chips

Day 9...and another stunner here in Auckland! Really not wanting Summer to end... I got hold of a 2nd hand dehydrator last week and I just knew that these were going to be the first creation to come out of it. I am usually a total chip and cracker fiend, but for the first time, I haven't been missing them! These, I think will be my new addiction. If you don't have a dehydrator, you can do them in your oven on the lowest setting, with the door slightly ajar, and halve the cooking time. Just keep an eye on them so they don't burn! I did the 9:30 Mkats F45 class today, and as a reward, it always finishes with...

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Jaffa Pro Balls

The only prep I did yesterday was these and also another variety (even better than the last one) of chia pudding. It's been hot here in Auckland today, and I did the 12:15 class at F45 One Tree Hill, then grabbed some more organic produce from Huckleberry at Royal Oak. Plus our new vege garden arrived today! We decided on a vegepod, which we got online, you can have a peek here. We opted for the large size, with a stand...however, because the garden will end up weighing around 400kgs, we need to level some grass and pave it so the garden doesn't sink into the ground! So a work in progress that I'll keep you posted on... So these balls...ummmm...amazing....

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Week 1 Vlog

Well, today marks the start of week 2 on this journey, and a quick post here... I've shared my vlog from week 1. Check it out if you are curious about ever doing one of these F45 challenges, it might give you a little insight into what to expect along the way. And if you are doing the challenge yourself, I'd love to know how you're finding it! Have a magic Monday x

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Vanilla Protein Chia Pudding

Happy Sunday and day 7 of the challenge. What a week! I've had a glorious day, a walk in Cornwall Park this morning, a chillax at home with Stella and Jasper, to then make my way over to the Auckland Vegan Food Festival on the North Shore. I spoke at 11 this morning and there was such a great turnout. A beautiful sunny day, and miles and miles of insane vegan food...of which I didn't eat. But because I was on my pre and post buzz of speaking, I don't feel like much. So sticking to the plan was easy. I spoke about how to be a happy vegan...more on that in another post.  But for now, here's a good...

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Mushroom + Courgette Spag Bol

Day 6! Early morning Hollywood F45 session today, and still thinking about how delicious this was last night for dinner. Spag bol use to be my staple as a kid growing up. It was my fave. The telling thing was, that I actually couldn't stand the smell of the raw mince cooking, I wouldn't be in the kitchen until mum had added the dolmio sauce. Anyway, memories are still sweet of mum stirring the pot with love for at least an hour as it simmered away! This is as clean and lean as a spag can get...cos there ain't no spag! I have a benriner japanese spiraliser, and it's next level. It makes the most perfect noodles out of veges,...

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