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Kenko Kitchen

Kenko Kitchen

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I love picking this book up by Kate Bradley. It just has such a serenity about it.

Her story is heart-felt, and you can see she has had a foodie upbringing by her clever flavour combinations.

Another Australian in my selection, Kates book is a gorgeous book that will fit right into your kitchen no matter where you are at with your eating.

Be sure to check out Kates second book, Bliss bites, HERE.

This from Book Depository...

Kenko is Japanese for `health', and defines Kate Bradley's passion for food and cooking. In Kenko Kitchen, Kate Bradley shares a range of healthy and delicious foods that are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan, as seen on her popular health food blog Kenko Kitchen. Featuring vegan variations for every recipe, a host of gluten- and sugar-free options for those with fructose and gluten intolerances, and delicious raw food, detoxifying and macrobiotic recipes, Kenko Kitchen is perfect for everyone from whole foods newcomers to long-time whole foods devotees, health conscious food-lovers, vegans, and those with dietary intolerances.

Think moreish and nourishing breakfast options such as granolas, porridges and homemade vegan yoghurts; light-but-filling lunch options such as roasted vegetable salad with cashew `goats' cheese and walnuts; divine dinners such as garlic and kelp king oyster `scallops' with fettuccini and rocket, as well as a host of classic comfort foods with a healthy twist; and sweet treats such as ginger, almond and date biscuits, bliss balls and coconut, fig and pistachio cheesecake.

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