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The Naked Vegan

The Naked Vegan

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Maz Valcorza just exudes health and're going to want what she's having!

I grabbed this when I was on holiday in Sydney and I have picked it up for inspo countless times since.

A little more prep involved in some aspects, however, everything is well thought out and presented so beautifully.

This book is totally worth it, even for the sauce and condiment section alone!

Maz also runs incredible workshops in Australia and has a vegan cafe in Sydney, Sadhana Kitchen.

This from Book Depository...

Look forward to starting your day with Corn & zucchini fritters with chilli jam and sour cream and a Pina colada zinger juice, munch on a Mexican fiesta salad with a side of Cheezy pea and cauliflower croquettes for lunch, snack on Zucchini crackers and decide whether to feast on a dinner of Hawaiian & smoky BBQ pizzas, Lasagne with a side of Garlic and herb bread or Mushroom, spinach and caramelised onion quiche. Lastly, top the day off with Chocolate lava cakes with strawberry coulis centre and white chocolate frosting. There are even elixir and tonics to give you that extra boost when you're feeling run down or surrounded by people with a nasty bug.The Naked Vegan allows you to embrace the latest in nutrition and feel the powerful benefits of eating raw food without sacrificing on flavour.

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