Public Speaking

Connection is key when we are wanting to make lasting change, and there is nothing more powerful that the spoken word.

In a society where we are more connected that ever, through screens and digital media, I believe the art of human connection is one to be nurtured and encouraged.

The times in my life that have left the most lasting impressions, and helped me to implement positive changes, have been when I have attended a live event, with real humans in the room!

Corporate wellness is big deal these days, but I feel there can be room for so much more depth within it. Working from an energy level up, I can motivate your team and group to be self accountable for their ultimate wellness.

I deliver talks about real life, my own day to day struggles and discoveries, and how my audience can start making changes today.

Public speaking has been a passion of mine since I was around 12 years old, and one that I continue to love, especially when my subject matter is my life.

If you are looking to motivate your team, or provide a little inspiration at your event or conference, we can work together to create something that will set your staff ahead of most.

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I look forward to taking your team to the next level.