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3,2,1, GLOW At Home Retreat

3,2,1, GLOW At Home Retreat

Regular price $39.00


Never has there been a better time to take your self care into your own hands, and I am super excited to help you take those first steps.

Introducing my first 3 day, at home retreat, based on several Ayurvedic practises, where you don't even need to leave the house to get the full benefits. 

In your LIFETIME ACCESS package you will find...

  • A full, comprehensive retreat document
  • Personal access to me, anytime
  • Daily retreat schedule, so all you need to do is show up, shown below
  • Full shopping list
  • Full recipe guides
  • Daily retreat activities, including...
    • Daily rituals
    • Daily full body pilates with Laura Mohi of Wild Pilates
    • Daily sound bath with Annie Jameson
    • Daily breath work with Brian Berneman
    • Video guides with me, Sarah Tanner
  • Additional resources to take your retreat experience deeper
  • Membership discount with Wild Pilates
  • A new you!

With an in-person value of over $500, this is the most cost effective retreat you'll ever go on. 

Please note, at this time of this going live, we are in a worldwide lockdown, and I understand that some of you might be experiencing financial hardship. I very much want to make this accessible, so if this is your situation, and you wish to retreat, get in touch with me and we can work out a payment/gifting option. My email is  

I can't wait to hear your stories!

See you inside! x

Here is the suggested daily schedule as a guide...

First up...this is a guide. Please keep that in mind, this really needs to work for you. Likewise, if you work shifts, or irregular hours, slot things in to where it suits...but in this general order.
Upon waking - tongue scraping and teeth brushing. 
Breath with Brian - check in with a short breath session.
Warm oil massage - I explain this more in the welcome video and on page 16. Follow with a warm shower.
Warm lemon water - sip this while you prepare your breakfast. 
Breakfast - either the Sunrise Porridge on page 09 or Cleansing Kitchari on page 10.
Lunch - Cleansing Kitchari and water throughout the day.
Afternoon - Pilates with Laura from Wild Pilates.
Optional - a gentle walk or light exercise at anytime.
Dinner - Cleansing Kitchari
Evening/Before Bed - Sound Bath with Annie.



If you are pregnant, eldery, with a compromised immunity, or a pre-disposition to eating disorders, I do not recommend you embark on this plan. Please consult your health professional first.