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PRE-ORDER TM Zen Again™ Pulse Oil

PRE-ORDER TM Zen Again™ Pulse Oil

Regular price $29.00

Zen Again™ says it all.

In times of stress, high tension, fatigue, and challenge, a simple roll of this blend on your wrists and/or temples with a few deep breaths, and you'll be on your way to balance.

Each blend has been infused with Reiki, and contains a rose quartz crystal for the added energy of love to your calm. You will also receive a relaxing breathing technique as well as a calming affirmation.

Ingredients - Organic Tulsi Holy Basil essential oil, Organic Lavender essential oil, Rose quartz crystal, coconut oil and Reiki.

Avoid use on or near silk fabrics.

Official launch September 4th, your pre-order order will be shipped that week.