Sarah is here to answer and demystify frequently asked questions...

What exactly is a sound bath with Sarah Tanner?

I try not to overcomplicate this answer and get too esoteric, or scientific. The name can be misleading, as there is no water involved, however, there is a "wash". Each instrument I facilitate, including the voice, produce a particular frequency that are to be felt to be understood. It is a full body, deep listening experience. You lie, or sit, and I take you through a breath practise to get you physically relaxed, followed by a deep dive so to speak, into the sound. Every facilitation and every experience is different.

What can I expect to experience in a sound bath with Sarah Tanner?

The list can be long! Anything from deep relaxation, to the point of sleep, to visions and intuitions coming through, to being taken to faraway or favourite places, or even a sensation of elevation off the floor. I feel the best way to experience the frequencies is to try and let go of expectation, the sound knows where to go, and there are no two sessions the same. My priority is that you feel safe, supported, and comfortable. For many, to give permission to stop, breathe, and observe can be an unusual sensation, or one that has not been granted for a long time. For first-timers, I always run through every instrument prior to beginning so you know how each one sounds, and all you need to do is relax.

What format does a Sarah Tanner event usually take?

I always serve the food after the sound, this helps prevent the miraculous digestive system from potentially being a distraction once lying down. Generally, guests will arrive into the space and a wellness tonic will be served. I then take you through what the sound sounds like, followed by some breath work to relax the physical body, then into the sound bath. I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for the sound, to then finish with the delicious food, snacks and tonics. Food is not an essential element however.

What sort of food do you make? Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Most certainly. I am more than happy, and capable to make food that fits pretty much every dietary requirement. My primary focus is organic, and wholefood. We can work together to create a menu that can be as simple as my now famous bliss-balls and a wellness tonic, or a full serving of multiple salads and nourishing dishes. My approach for larger servings is a buffet style to be able to pick and choose from a selection that suits each person attending. I have wonderful relationships with some pretty amazing brands, so it is always a fabulous way to try some new things.

What sort of space do you need to have a Sarah Tanner event?

I have facilitated in meeting rooms, living rooms, homes, and yoga studios. The workplace, and home is always special as the energy of the sound infuses not only the people but the space also. Bonus if the space is quiet and free form disturbances, but really, the most important thing is that the attendees can lie comfortably. Sometimes the simple act of moving a couch, or table can make all the difference. Alternatively, I can make suggestions for venues to hold your event.

How much does hosting a Sarah Tanner event cost?

There is no set package as each event is unique. The investment depends on location, numbers, and extent of package desired. A simple email to me and I can give more of an idea. 

What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat, a cushion, a warm blanket, and even better if you have an eye pillow are the suggested things. I also recommend to bring a pen and paper to write down any ideas/visions/insights that come through, as well as your own water bottle. Oh, an open mind is key.

How did you get into sound healing and organic food?

The food aspect was when I had my daughter, who is now 11, and I intuitively knew that I wanted to focus on organic nourishment. My journey has grown in knowledge and passion since then, which is why I love to share food with the sound. I experienced my first sound journey 8 years ago, by accident, at a PR event. There was only one sound bowl being played and a didgeridoo, but I was moved to happy tears. From that moment I was redirected into creating my own instrument collection, and with a musical background, I am all self-taught and play by intuition. 

Can you host events out of Auckland?

Of course, I will go wherever I am called to. Travel costs can be sorted into the package.


Photo credit - top image Jono Parker / Food image Sarah from an event at Bali Garden Matakana