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Seriously Good Satay

Continuing on the reset's a stunning dish to get you a little more excited about plants! Everybody loved this on the Spring Reset Retreat (book your spot now for the Summer Reset coming up here) so I shared it for my latest Sunday's With Sarah for Ceres Organics. Now if only this cold weather and rain would stop! For the sauce 1 TBS Ceres Organics Almond Butter, or peanut butter 1 garlic cloved crushed 2 cm knob fresh giner, peeled and chopped 2 Ceres Organics sun-dried tomatoes, softened in hot water for 10 minutes 2 TBS Ceres Organics tamari 1 tsp Ceres Organics sesame oil 50mls Ceres Organics extra virgin olive oil 1 TBS coconut yoghurt Juice of ½ lime...

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Spring Reset 1 Day Menu

Enjoy your own mini reset at home... Kick off the warmer (still waiting) months with good intentions and set yourself up with some healthy habits. I created this one day reset for Ceres Organics, and you can find the full menu as well as tips and guides to get the most of your experience... Click here to be taken to the Spring Reset. Sarah x

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Let me introduce you to my Maca Hot Chocolate... If you are trying to cut back on coffee, or just want an alternative that still has the kick...then this is your new friend! I chatted over on my instagram page about how important it is to choose a maca that is gelatinsied...which means its been heat treated. Maca has been shown to have a mould called aflatoxin, like peanuts, which is destroyed when heat treated. Aflatoxin is a know carcinogen, so we sure don't need it in our lives... But we still want all the benefits of the beautiful maca! Recipe... 450mls plant milk 1TBS cacao powder 1 tsp maca powder A pinch of salt 2 tsp maple syrup Method......

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Welcome to my new series, EAT CHIC...the modern woman's platform for high performance wellness. Over on my instagram I posted the first episode with a delicious recipe... Curried Greens And Quinoa - Let's Do Lunch Here is the post as well as the recipe... And here is the video :)...    

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Easy Detox Breakfast

I have been overdoing it on the chippies and sugar, and in serious need of a bit of a reset! You can watch the video for this delight here on my IGTV. This is an incredibly simple way to kick off your metabolism in the mornings, as well as help setup a cleansing interior for the day ahead. You can opt out of the added sugar if you are ok with the bitterness, however, keep the flax in. Recipe 1 organic grapefruit, sliced through the middle, pips removed 1 tsp coconut sugar 1/2 tsp freshly ground flax seeds Method Simply sprinkle the coconut sugar over the grapefruit followed by the ground flax seeds. The purpose of the flax is to...

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