1:1 Bright Brand Coaching

Some might say it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd these days, but Sarah believes each and every brand has an unlimited potential for luminosity, and she can help you get there.

Sarah has founded and run her own brands and businesses since her early twenties.

With experience in both a pre social media world, and post, Sarah has developed and honed her skills, all self taught, to now run a successful personal brand which is constantly evolving and growing, working with some of Australasias top wellness brands.

Sarah believes that being in business is sacred commerce. There is the opportunity for a positive energy exchange with each and every interaction and sale. As business and brand guardians, we have a radiant opportunity to create an inspiring ripple effect that can change the face of what it means to be in business

If you have your own business or brand, or are looking to launch, Sarah can help with...

  • Overcoming self doubt 
  • Getting clear on intentions
  • Setting goals and manifestations
  • Creating and cultivating a solid, authentic energy frequency within the brand that will be unmistakable
  • Creating quality, consistent, beautiful and authentic social media content if you are a solo or small team unit
  • Confidence in sharing your story and your why - this is where the sparks can be found!
  • Providing tools and hacks to keep you energetically on track without burning out

Get in touch to organise a free, no obligations chat to see if Sarah is the right fit for your desires and needs. Email here.

All energy coaching includes Sarahs various modalities including Alchemy Sound Bowl work. The crystal tones alchemy sound bowls are pure white light and pure consciousness, they are the ultimate tool in taking you, and therefore your brand into the luminosity zone.